Welcome To Darkhold

This world is a fantasy setting developed by Jeff Baker, which has been in constant use since 1979.
The gaming system described on this website is one that many of us have designed to fit our own needs and playability issues. We have adapted rules based on the standard 3-18 system, percentile system, and others, along with some of our own distinct, original material, to give a game system that maximizes believability, scalability, and playability.

Variously seen as a sword, a chalice, or a book, The Darkhold is the principal magic item of our world, the basis of all power

ALL MATERIAL ON THIS WEBSITE IS COPYRIGHT 1979, 1991, 2003 to the New Balance Adventurers, and Phase of the Moon. No rights are hereby granted or given up by the copyright holders to anyone using this website. Note to anyone from Wizards of The Coast - we know you have used our stuff before without attribution - be warned, and do NOT do it again - we are watching you.

Special thanks to Jeff Baker (the Bake), Glenn Rippie, John R., and everyone who has played in The World of Darkhold and used the Darkhold Gaming System through the years.
Enter at your own risk...

"Death is not the end of possibilities - but being alive gives you alot more options." -- Clint Priestwood