Anton Zvedzy


Anton is a 6' 2", 180 lb. human. He was wavy dark blonde hair and light blue-grey eyes. He is not burly, but he is obviously fairly strong and quite dexterous. He favors black leather armor, and when not armored tends to wear black clothing.


Anton was born in the Kingdom of Deerheart, but had to leave the country because he is a wanted man for the crime of sedition. He has a great animosity for Borislav, the ruler of Deerheart, and was part of an underground organization which was attempting to overthrow the Emperor.

After he left Deerheart, he spent many years wandering Darkhold. One fateful night in Keeli, he rescued a young woman who had been cornered in an alley by a group of thugs. The young woman turned out to be Arionrhod Graylock, a member of the New Balance. They were married several months later, and Anton moved to the group's Keep in Mordentshire, where he could continue to help allies in Deerhart in their efforts to remove Borislav.