Ariadne of Silvanus
10th level half-elven druid

STR 16 +1 damage with melee weapons or hand-to-hand
DEX 15 +1 to hit with missile weapons; +1 initiative
CON 17 +2 hit points per level; 97% system shock, 98% resurrection survival
INT 12 Armor class: 1 Hit points: 93 THAC0: 14
WIS 18 +4 vs. mind magic Racial abilities: 60’ infravision, 30% resist sleep and
CHA 17 +6 reaction bonus charm spells, 1 in 6 chance to spot concealed doors
Com 17 (1 in 2 if searching), 1 in 3 to find secret doors
Appearance: 4’1”, 70 lbs.; long, curly black hair; dark green eyes; delicate elvish features
Languages: Common, Krynn Common, druidic, elvish, gnome, dwarvish, halfling, goblin, orcish, silver dragon, courtly Fae, Underdark trade tongue, drow, nomadic Common
Druidic abilities: identify plant and animal, identify pure water, pass through overgrowth without a trace, immune to woodland charm, shapechange up to 3x/day (one each of mammal, avian, and reptile forms; regain 10 to 60% of hit points lost), +2 vs. fire and electrical damage, all plant and animal languages
Sylvan languages: dryad, unicorn, treant, centaur, sprite, green dragon, pegasus, satyr, sylph, pseudo-dragon, wemic, merman
Personal special abilities: +4 vs. spider venom, unaffected by Web spells, cast Spider Charm and Web spells (at one level above usual) and spider-versions of spells such as Snake Charm and Giant Insect (at usual level), substitute any daily shapechange for a spider-form
Weapon proficiencies: staff, scimitar (2 slots, giving +1 to hit), catfighting (fight in feline form, especially big cats, with +2 to hit and damage)[?], sling, soulsword
Nonweapon proficiencies: direction sense, riding land-based, reading & writing, spellcraft, singing (98% skill level out of 100%; can sometimes achieve bardic- or near-bardic-level effects), poetry/songwriting, weather recognition, first aid, forester/naturalist, religion, linguistics, swimming
Spells per level:
First level: 7 (casting time: _ usual) Fourth level: 4
Second level: 6 (casting time: _ usual) Fifth level: 2
Third level: 4 (casting time: _ usual)
Saving throws:
Paralyzation, poison, and death magic: 6 Breath weapons: 12
Rods, staves, and wands: 10 Spells: 11
Petrification and polymorph: 9 Mind magic: 7

Ariadne of Silvanus
(A la Frank’s World of Darkness)

Physical Social Mental
Strength: 4 Charisma: 4 Perception: 3
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 4 Appearance: 4 Wits: 3

Talents Skills Knowledge
Alertness: 3 Animal ken: 4 Cosmology: 3
Athletics: 2 Etiquette: 2 Culture: 2
Awareness: 2 Herbalism: 3 Enigmas: 3
Brawl: 2 Leadership: 1 Linguistics: 2
Dodge: 2 Meditation: 3 Medicine: 2
Expression: 4 Melee: 3 Occult: 4
Instruction: 1 Riding: 2 Theology: 3
Streetwise: 1 Singing: 4
Subterfuge: 1 Songwriting: 2
Stealth: 3

Backgrounds: Avatar 3, Destiny 5 Willpower: 9
Arete: 7 (roll 1d10 vs. Arete to cast a spell) [?] Quintessence: 70 [?]
Weapons difficulty: 5 [?] Faith: 7

NOTE: Given the fact that we are all way beyond beginning-level characters, I thought that adding some more skill points here and there to better reflect our characters’ actual abilities would not be out of line. Based on that idea, I would make the following changes to the character sheet as given, due partly to what her stats and skills actually are, and partly to the way the character has been played. [Of course, since this is another world, it would be perfectly understandable if the power levels at least are reduced—Ariadne is well accustomed to that! <g>]

Reduce: Wits to 2, since that’s more about thinking on your feet (which Ariadne is not very good at)
Increase: Intelligence to 4, since in this game the stat combines Intelligence and Wisdom

Reduce: Brawl to 1 or even 0 (except for when she’s fighting in animal form, when it’s at 3, and maybe even 4 for cat-forms [if the Special is allowed]) and Alertness to 2.
Remove: Definitely take away her Streetwise, since that has to do with blending into one’s environment, which she will definitely not be able to do on Earth! I also have no idea why she has Instruction, so take that away too.
Increase: Possibly add another skill point to Dodge, since that would seem to be Dexterity-based, and she has a high dexterity. It also may play a part in Armor Class, in which case I would possibly make it a 4.
Add: EMPATHY of 3, DIPLOMACY of 3, and (believe it or not) Intimidation of 2! <G>

Reduce: Leadership to 2 or even 3 (3 is more accurate, but it hasn’t played much part in this campaign—but then, diplomacy plays a large part in her leadership style)
Add: Survival!! at 3 or 4, Weather sense at 3?, Tracking at 2 (if that’s included in Forestry)

(Check into: Cosmology and Culture—what do these mean?)

Reduce: Occult to 3? (She does have spellcraft—and she actually does craft spells—but I imagine her version of the occult differs somewhat from that of Earth. <g>)
Add: Resources 3 or 4 (with all that gold and gems??!?!)

Faith: Increase to 9 (she has become extremely dedicated over the years and campaigns!)