description attributes


Thialfi Kendra Onginson 15 Strength

Lawful Good 15 Intelligence

Thirteenth Level Monk 17 Wisdom

29 year old human born 18 Land's Death 335 18/95 Dexterity (ambidextrous)

6' 0", 180 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes 17 Constitution

Follower of Odin 13 Charisma

citizen of Aeserd 13 Comeliness

citizen of the Kingdom of the Iron Hills

Knight of the Kingdom of the Iron Hills

Founding Member of the New Balance (a group of adventurers)

second son of noble family of Aesard with four brothers, one sister
Hunir (father) Lars (mother's brother)
Rolf (younger brother, third level fighter) Gunnhild (sister)
Skornir (cousin, son of Lars, sixth level ranger)



GEER (familiar)


huge raven; attacks as 2HD

movement: 1" ground, 27" flying 10% chance of clawing eye per hit

armor class: base 6 size: 4.5' wingspan

hit points: 11 damage: 1d2

cannot be surprised during lighted conditions

wears a leg-band (ring) of NightVision

can speak the following eighty-three words in Common:

yes, no, maybe weak, average, powerful

dead, alive, unconscious few, many, all, any, one, half

human, elf, dwarf, halfling, giant lawful, chaotic, neutral, good, evil

run, hide, come, stay, blink, help ground, flying, riding, swimming

still, slow, medium, fast, lightning earth, water, fire, air, frost, stone, storm

fighter, magic-user, cleric, thief, psionic monster, humanoid, undead, demon, devil

home, seahawk, clan, aesard, augustine invisible, astral, ethereal, poisoned, insane

ask, questions, very, small, incoming sword, spell, nevermore

north, south, east, west, up, down under, over, through, in, out

3+3+ 3+4+ 5+5+ 6+4+ 5+7+ 5+5+ 5+5+ 5+2+ 6+5



harkin (mount)


medium warhorse; attacks as 2HD

movement: 25" (leather barding, speed factor 24.5") (+1" due to Expert Horsemanship)

armor class: base 7 (leather barding, AC 6)

hit points: 13

damage: 1d4/1d4




(worn) 2 normal daggers

(worn) 1 pair of +1 adamantium bracers, made by the Royal Forges of the Iron Hills

(worn) 1 pair of +1/+1 cestus

(worn) 1 Ring of Hit Points (worn around neck)

(worn) 1 Walkie Talkie Ring (worn around neck)

(worn) 1 Ring of Invisibility (right hand)

(worn) 1 +2/+2 Ring of Protection (left hand)

(worn) 1 +1/+1 black Cloak of Protection (bought from store in Seahawk)

(worn) 1 Amulet of Tongues, personal range (bought from store in Seahawk)

(worn) 1 Girdle of Hill Giant Strength (bought from store in Seahawk)

(worn) 1 pair of Boots of Speed (add 2" to wearer's base movement)

(worn) 1 4 inch spear: holy symbol of Odin (around neck with two rings hanging)

(worn) 1 ring with Continual Light thrown on it


(pouch) 1 set of thieving tools

(pouch) 1 dagger, gift of fellow monk of Odin defeated to gain tenth level

(pouch) 1 pair of +1/+1 ironwood jo sticks (normal, magicked by Joe to be +1/+1)

(pouch) 1 ring with Continual Darkness thrown on it

(pouch) 1 10K Bag Of Holding (bought from store in Seahawk)

(pouch) 1 Potion of Extra-Healing

(pouch) 1 Potion of Invulnerability (sensitive to location of Sword of Frey)

(pouch) 1 set of Divine Dinnerware (gift from Zeus, self-cleaning, platinum, purifies)

(pouch) 26 platinum, 235 gold, 9 silver, 10 copper, gems worth 1000 gold


(horse) 1 longbow, quiver of arrows

(horse) 1 +1/+1 longsword



teleport locations


Aesard family home

Mordentshire New Balance headquarters

Joe's Place 10 feet away from Arionrhod's spot

Keli public "rice paper" platform inside city

Hero's Return public "rice paper" platform inside city

God's Cup public "rice paper" platform inside city

Seahawk public "rice paper" platform inside city

StoneHaven outside of city no "rice paper" platform

Mount Thunder outside and behind the "inn"

Mount GlitterGold at the mine belonging to the New Balance

in the mountains one hour south from the Fire Giant Citadel (very good rating)




personality special

dour, aloof. not subtle. senses of hearing & smell are as keen as those of a wolf (granted by Frey)




hit points armor class movement

base 108 base ac 10 base 16.25"

Geer 11 monk -10 monkLevel +13.00"

total 119 dexterity -4 monkBonus + 2.00"

jo sticks -3 girdleStrength + 2.00"

experience points pro ring -2 BootsofSpeed + 2.00"

945,617 bracers -2 total 33.25"

cloak -1

open hand attack full -12

segments: 1 2 3 5 7 8 9 10

damage: 1d8 strength base cestus girdle total

To Hit bonus = 0 + 1 + 3 = 3

skills Damage bonus = 0 + 1 + 7 = 7

Literacy/Cyphering weight allowance = 0 + 0 + 4500 = 4500

Courtly Graces Bend Bars/Lift Gates = 7 + 5 + 50 = 55%

Swimming Force Normal Doors = 0 + 5 + 78 = 83%

Religous Knowledge Force Locked Doors = 0 + 5 + 50 = 55%


First Aid thieving base dex no armor total

Horsemanship Open Locks = 72 + 15 + 0 = 87%

Expert Horsemanship Find/Remove Traps = 70 + 5 + 0 = 75%

Disguise Move Silently = 86 + 10 + 10 = 96%

Forgery Hide in Shadows = 70 + 10 + 5 = 85%

Spying Hear Noise = 35 + 0 + 0 = 35%

Recognize Value Climb Walls = 99 + 0 + 10 = 109%

Business Sense


proficiencies Saving Throw Bonus = +3


Stun, not Kill dexterity

IronFist Saving Throw Bonus = +4

Concentration Armor Class Adjustment = -4


jo sticks constitution

bracers System Shock Survival = 97%

Resurrection Survival = 98%


Common charisma

Norse Reaction Adjustment = +5%

Lawful Good

Elvish special monk abilities

Fire Giant (fragments) Surprise probability = 10%

Katanese (trade) Mind Masking chance = 10%

Ogre can fall any distance if within 8 feet of a vertical surface


Chaotic Evil



Attack modes: Ego Whip; strength points: 131

Defense modes: Mind Blank, Thought Shield; strength points: 131

Disciplines Teleport (weight limit = 550 lbs)

Psionic Strength 262

special monk abilities


Immune to Slows, Hastes, and Diseases. this is a continuous ability.


Open Hand Attack is considered +1 for purposes of CanHit. this is a continuous ability.


Resistant to energy drain attacks if blocked with hand or leg (save vs PetPoly); an additional 1d6 damage is taken if successful. this is a continuous ability.


Feign Death 26 turns duration


Self Healing 1d4+9, once per day


Body Equilibrium 13 rounds duration, once per day


Mind Over Body 13 days maximum duration, must recover an amount of time equivalent to that expended to use again


MonkSense 13 turns duration, once per day: cannot be surprised. Direction Sense enables the monk to judge direction and position almost perfectly in any coordinate system (geographic, geomagnetic, etc.). It can also give relative distances to objects as a rangefinder. The accuracy of this function is 10%. The target must be sensed somehow (sight, detection spells or the like). Time Sense enables the monk to keep almost perfect track of time (down to the fraction of a second) between events and time of day.


MonkSight 13 turns duration, once per day, can switch but not combine

infravision (range 6")

ultravision (range 6")

x-ray vision (range 6")

detect invisible (range 6")

sidevision (range 6", 300 degree span)

eagle vision (range 100 x normal)

minute seeing (range 1 foot and closer)


Charm Immunity this is a continuous ability. 70% against the following spells:

all mind affecting/commanding cantrips

Beguiling Domination Mass Domination

Charm Monster Hypnotism Mass Suggestion

Charm Person Influence Rulership

Charm Mammal Mass Charm Suggestion


Abide Climate comfortable from -50F to +150F. +1 on all saving throws against magical cold/fire. this is a continuous ability.


Invisibility 13 turns duration, once per day, as per the psionic discipline.


Poison Resistance to all poisons: +3 on poison saving throws, save means quarter damage, miss means half damage. Missing a save against a death dealing poison loses half of the character's current hit points.


Mental Discipline Object Reading or Tower of Iron Will (lasts 1 round). once per day.




Weapon Size (feet) Weight AC adj Speed Factor Damage Range

Spear 5 50 -1 6 1d8 1/ 2/ 3

Arrow 2 2 3 1d6

Longbow 4 50 +2 2 6/12/18

Crossbow, light 2.5 50 +1 15 5/10/16

Crossbow, heavy 3 70 +1 20 +1 6/14/20

Longsword 4 60 -1 5 1d8

Cestus 25 3 1d4





to hit / damage armor class

+1 / +1 due to Cestus -1 due to Cloak of Protection

+2 due to Dexterity (hand weapons) -2 due to Ring of Protection

+3 due to Dexterity (missile weapons) -1 due to Bracers (adamantium)

+1 / +1 due to magic jo sticks (not open-hand) -1 due to Bracers (proficiency)

+3 / +3 due to girdle of hill giant strength -1 due to Jo Sticks (magic)

-2 due to Jo Sticks (proficiency)

-4 due to Dexterity


saving throw hit points

+1 due to Cloak of Protection +3 due to Constitution

+2 due to Ring of Protection

+3 due to Wisdom

+4 due to Dexterity




proficiencies for open hand attacks


proficiency ToHit Damage Stun Kill % Speed Factor Armor Class

normal attack n/a 1d7 -5 AC+4 n/a n/a

Cestus +1 +1 n/a n/a n/a n/a

Leap / Kick n/a x2 +1 +5 5 n/a

IronFist (a) n/a +L +1 +5 7 n/a

IronFist (b) n/a max+L +1 +5 10 n/a

Concentration +x +x n/a +2x 2+x -(1+x)

BlindFighting n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Stun without Kill n/a n/a n/a no chance n/a n/a


"Concentration" works in the following manner:

each plus requires an additional segment beyond the minimum of 2 shown

AC is lowered by one for each plus in addition to the minimum of 1 shown

the exact maneuver must be declared in full in the beginning segment

the "kill" percentage rises by 2 for each plus


the "stun" percentage never rises

the "surprise" chance doubles for the duration of the maneuver

cannot raise the ToHit over 19

the sum of the ToHit bonus and the Damage bonus cannot exceed (L/2) + 1





high-quality binoculars (6)

self, father, uncle, brother, niko, temple of odin


sunglasses (6)

self, father, uncle, brother, niko, temple of odin


self-winding "all weather" wristwatch (6)

self, father, uncle, brother, niko, temple of odin


9mm handguns (2)

+ clips of extra ammo


holster, shoulder


knife, sharp (1)


knife, sharp, another (1)


makeup case (1)

useful for disguise


bat, baseball, aluminum (1)


bow, compound recurved (1)


arrows, aluminum shafted (24), with target and hunting points for each


vest, bulletproof (2)


ballpoint pens (120)





history of christmas gifts


christmas gift 1985


a) one open-hand attack that actually hits can be a "stun", even if the opponent is not capable of being stunned. the "kill percentage" is allowed. this is a one-time ability.


christmas gift 1986


a) can speak and read a language at fluency levels 6/6. this is a permanent ability.

b) can speak and read a language at fluency levels 7/3. this is a permanent ability.


christmas gift 1987


a) can haste for one turn. this is a one-time ability.

b) can throw a third-level (or lower) Witch spell at normal casting time. material and somatic components are unnecessary, even if required. this is a one-time ability.


christmas gift 1988




christmas gift 1989




christmas gift 1990




christmas gift 1991




christmas gift 1992






possible wishes & road of the dead abilities



(not in any particular order)


a) gain the psionic ability telepathy.

b) gain the psionic ability shape alteration, along with more atttack and defense modes.

c) have sense of smell as keen as that of a wolf (permanent and continuous ability).

d) have sense of hearing as keen as that of a cat (permanent and continuous ability).

e) both (c) and (d).

f) can sunburst, as the fourth level cleric spell, with damage d dice, freq x/day.

g) can air walk, as the fifth level cleric spell, with duration n turns, freq x/day.

h) can mind blank, as the eighth level mu spell, with duration n turns, freq x/day.

i) can shape change, as the ninth level mu spell, with duration n turns, freq x/day (the forms available being restricted to raven [small to huge], wolf, and horse).

j) be lucky, as if carrying a luckstone as described in the DM Guide.

k) allow all pluses to accumulate, so that multiple beneficial magical devices would work together, even if the opposite is specifically stated in the specifications thereof. a good example would be: for assisting armor class, that a ring of protection could be worn on each hand, and both bonuses would be added. if this is too much, scale to a specific purpose, such as "allow all strength enhancements to accumulate".

l) can wear (and use!) as many magical devices as physically capable, e.g., the current limit of two magic rings would be raised to ten. this does not extend the capability of any device, such as trying to wear a magic ring on the left big toe. (the PC should consider the drawbacks to this wish, not the least of which is the "glow-in-the-dark" ability he will also gain.)

m) can double (or otherwise extend) the duration (or other attribute) of a monk ability (or spell for spell-users, or ToHit for fighters, etc.). this capability would work once per game session, and the DM must approve each use. this will not extend the power of anything, such as doubling the number of dice used to roll damage for a fireball, only limits like range, area-of-effect, and so on.

n) be completely immune to Energy Drain attacks.

o) be completely immune to all normal poisons. affected by other poisons only on a 1.

p) can comprehend languages, as the first level m-u spell, at will.

q) save as the most favorable class on even days, as the least favorable class on odd days.