Jade Daywalker


Level: 12 HP: 144
Race: Damphyr Class: Fighter (Bushi per Oriental Adventures)
Stat Value Notes
Strength 18/26 +1 to hit/+3 damage (augmented as per Potence from WoD)
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 18/97 +2/+3 to hit, -4 AC, ambidextrous
Constitution 18 +4 HP per level
Charisma 15
Comeliness 15

Skills: Proficiencies:
Acrobat Katana x3 (+1 hit/-1 SF)
Running x2 Wakazashi x2 (+1 hit)
Swimming Crossbow x2 (+1 hit)
Alertness x2 Throwing Knife
Streetwise (modern urban) Unarmed Combat (as per 2nd level monk)
Drive Great Sword x2 (+1 hit)
Dodge (-1 AC)  
Celerity: Acts as a Haste - 1 blood point per turn SF 3 for weapons
Fortitude: +1 save vs poison
Auspex: Provides 1 turn per bloodpoint of enhanced senses

You shut your mouth, how can you say I go about things the wrong way?
I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
-- "What Time is Now" by The Smiths


At 6'1" and 160 lbs, Jade is an imposing woman. All her weight is lean mass, however - she is very muscular and obviously works out. Her hair is black and reaches to her waist. Her eyes are slightly slanted (revealing her Oriental heritage) but are a bright green which positively glow when she is angered. A definite product of the Gen X culture, when on Earth she prefers black leather pants and jacket, and rides a motorcycle. In AD&D worlds, this translated very well into black leather armor. She tends to travel on foot, however, because most horses (indeed, most animals) are very skittish around her, sensing the undead blood within her. She carries with her most of the time a finely wrought katana and wakazashi, as well as a heavily modified crossbow which is capable of firing two bolts simultaneously. While not beautiful by any standard sense, she is a very striking woman, with high cheekbones and full lips. When truly angry, she hisses - which can reveal the retractable fangs that she developed at puberty.

In AD&D terms, Jade is a bit stronger than "normal", and MUCH faster. The translation from World of Darkness bloodpoints are used to a fuel her powers and are renewed much like hitpoints when used. She has the standard 10 bloodpoints of the WoD Damphyr. Her WoD weaknesses are potent blood and a dangerous secret, neither of which is much of a big deal on an AD&D world. HOWEVER, she has one very disconcerting weakness on fantasy worlds - she shows up on a "Detect Undead" spell, which has caused several problems so far. She also has had a very hard time adjusting to "magic" as a concept of "spells".

Read the symbols, you can read the signs
And if you read very carefully between the lines
You will see
Only in death can we be free
Only when we die can we be free
Only in death can we be free
Only when we die can we be free
-- "Satan's Little Helpers" by Electric Hellfire Club


Born 31 October 1981 in Washington, DC, on Earth "Double Prime" (also known for our purposes as the "Anita Blake" earth or the "Gothic Earth"), to a vampire mother and a human father. Her mother was killed shortly after her birth, so Jade grew to her teenage years ignorant of her true heritage. She had always been stronger and faster than other children her age, and with a somewhat violent temper. She would have been almost uncontrollable had her father not sent her to a sensei for martial arts training at a very early age.

Shortly after she reached puberty her father was forced to reveal her true nature to her, including the fate of the mother she had never known. Not long after this, her father was killed in very mysterious circumstances, although Jade never doubted for a moment that the vampires who had killed her mother were also responsible for her father's death. She had inherited a sizable amount of money from her father's estate, and began to freelance as a bodyguard and private investigator, skirting as often as she could the edges of the vampire community in search of information which would enable her to take revenge. She began an association with a group of talented, unorthodox investigators who were similarly interested in the destruction of vampires.

Not long after her 19th birthday she was abruptly removed from her own world by the power of a magical spell thrown on a world called Greyhawk, and forced to do the bidding of the magic user who had summoned her. Once released from this service, and with no way to return to her own world, she began an association with the other people who had also been summoned by the same spell. This group, known by the odd name of "The New Balance", were also not native to Greyhawk, but to a world they called Darkhold.

As part of the New Balance, Jade learned a great deal about what, to her, was an entirely new and strange magical world. She participated in many adventures and her skills grew at a rapid pace. She even fell in love, in a still-unresolved relationship, with a Norse Paladin in Nyrond. While still dealing with the unsettling feelings from that relationship, she was kidnapped by a evil demigod, had her soul locked away, while her body was used as a vessel for a magical sword in a bizarre and dangerous game that the demigod, Akio, was using to reunite the splinters of his power.

After her rescue by the party from Akio's clutches, Jade grew anxious to leave Greyhawk. Her relationship with Uri was going nowhere because he was out on a quest, and she felt horribly violated by the kidnapping. Valacar suggested that the whole party return to Darkhold, and Jade fell eagerly in with this plan.

Got to get you out of my mind,
But I can't escape from the feeling,
As I try to leave the memory behind,
Without you what's left to believe in?
-- "Out of My Mind" by Duran Duran


Jade has recently made her debut on Darkhold, taking up residence with the New Balance at their keep in Mordentshire.

"Dying doesn't scare me at all - it's still walking around after I'm dead that I'm worried about."