Kira Ariel Graylock Priestwood


Kira stands 5'2" tall, with long red hair and green eyes. As with her younger sister, Arionrhod, she appears to have elvish ancestry. She is a fairly attractive woman, although not beautiful. She is quieter in demeanor than her sister, and displays much greater maturity. Her favored clothing styles are fitted gowns with long sleeves, and flowing robes in forest green and gold. With her at almost all times is her familiar, Cath, a Pseudodragon. Cath is a deep reddish brown in color, and is usually to be found coiled around his person's neck, hiding effectively under her long hair.


Born near the small town of Joe's Place, Kira left home at 16 to begin formal training as a witch in the city of Keeli. Upon reaching a high enough level to hold her own in a fight, she joined a group of adventurers who styled themselves "The New Heroes". The makeup of this group changed frequently, and the party never had a firm base of operations for any extended period of time.

It was while with this group, however, that Kira met a man who called himself Avatir, and who was a Vatican Death Commando. After some time adventuring, Kira learned that the man, with whom she had fallen in love, was actually none other than Clint Priestwood, the leader of the Vatican Death Commandoes and former member of The Mortal Heroes. Clint had also fallen in love with her, and they were married. The couple makes their home mainly at the Citadel of Stormgate, although they have houses in several cities on Darkhold as well as holdings on Greyhawk and Earth. Kira formally retired from adventuring to raise their two children, although she is always ready and willing to assist Clint when the need arises.

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