Stat Value Notes
Strength 13
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 17
Charisma 15
Comeliness ?

Level: 6 HP:
Movement: AC:
Skills: Proficiencies:


Pickles ia a half-elf, with mostly human features--long red hair, ~5' 2" on a good day, ~130 lbs.  Muscular, weathered. Appears ~30 years old for a human, actually ~150 with elf longevity. She has striking green eyes and a hint of that elven ear point.

Basically, your short, feisty red-headed peaceful nature lover with a twist.

In her many years fending for herself, she's become a fantastic cook, lover of small luxuries and able to make any situation as comforTABLE as possible. Art, especially poetry is thrilling.

She wears colors that blend in with the forest including dark brown (rather stylish and well-fitted to her rather human curved figure) leather armour (+2) with hints of a flame-to-leave motif worked in. Dark green cloak with fire-red trim.

On earth, however, she's got a new change of clothes. She felt a little awkward without the armour, but she's been consoled with plum-colored velvet. She's probably wearing black knee-high boots with black well-fitting pants. A dark green bodice has been cleverly constructed to fit over the parts of her armour that protect her vital organs, so that she can keep that at least, and a purple velvet jacket covers all of this and has many inner pockets for her spell components that she hopes to not use in this "world gone mad."

The weapon that Pickles is most adept with is her +2/+2 scimitar, which is currently in Fr. Gregory's bag. This is only for emergencies, however, as she prefers to reason than to fight, and to flee when reasoning fails.

Fr. Gregory is also holding 5 bolts of fine silk :-) Pickles has 3 rings. One is formerly Fr. Gregory's invisibility ring. She started with a (+1) ring of protection, it may have come from Valacar, she was still a little cloudy in the head at that point. And a second (+2) ring of protection scavenged from the Drow asassin.