Rok High-Mageson

Lord of Mt Glittergold &
Knight of the Kingdom of the Iron Hills


Strength 19  
Intelligence 7  
Wisdom 8  
Dexterity 15  
Constitution 18  
Charisma 6 (14)
Comeliness 4 (14)

citizen of the Kingdom of the Iron Hills
Knight of the Kingdom of the Iron Hills
Baronet of the Augustinian Empire
member of the New Balance (group of adventurers)
first son of human high-mage and female ogre named Crushella ? siblings unknown or keeping their distance deliberately.  Father's current whereabouts unrevealed.
due to a limited wish, Rok's natural bare-skin AC is 9 instead of 10.
True Neutral 
13th Level Fighter
Hit Points 124 (includes 3 points gained from the Dwarven cleansing ritual enacted upon him because of his tasting the blood of the Dwarven God of Greed)
Current XP total: 1,603,815 (need 1687,500 for 14th level)

45 year old half-ogre born 8 Last Chance 333  
Actual physical age is 33 due to a potion of longevity
7' 0", 400 pounds, grey skin, grey hair, grey eyes
Follower of Skorious Stonebones  
member of ogre village near Mountains of Doom 
Has a large tattoo on chest of a flame-sheathed skull with a dagger in one eye-socket with a twining snake [done by a specialist in Seahawk that is a worshipper of the 'Maiden of Pain', scars will not mar the tattoo area itself(Rok did not flinch at all during the process)]
Tattoo of his person device on left forearm (by same artist as chest tattoo)

horse (mount (?))

     giant mutant clydesdale actually a polymorphed efreeti lord who is unaware of his true nature; attacks as a monster so damn high that bobby does not bother rolling the ToHit.
     size:     7 feet high at the shoulder, weighs in at around 2000 pounds.  despite his size, his proportions are those of a normal horse.
     movement:     12"  (13" due to Horseshoes of Speed)
     armor class:      ?
     hit points:     ??!!
     damage:     1d12 / 1d8 / 10d20 (hoofs / bite / breath)
     hobbies:     belching in shadowspawn's general direction and displaying his fangs to unsuspecting passerbys.  loves rats, especially raw to the point of still squeaking.


     (worn)     1 +3 two-handed longsword (+1 with a +2 turbo)
     (worn)     1 Rok-sized +1 bullette-hide shield, made by royal forges of the Iron Hills
     (worn)     1 set of non-magical-but-boy-are-they-fun knuckles
     (worn)     1 +3 Club
     (worn)     1 Walkie Talkie Ring (worn around neck)
     (worn)     1 set of +2 Chain Armor
     (worn)     1 Amber Ring of Anti-Chaos (right hand)
     (worn)     1 Malachite Ring of Anti-Evil (left hand)
     (worn)     1 loincloth made of human skin, acquired from a red sladd
     (worn)     1 necklace of 2 ogre magi horns, 2 margoyle horns and a 2000 gp diamond
     (worn)     1 silver medallion from Nike, allows hasting 1 time per month

     (pouch)    1 set of dining tools from Olympus (Golden plate, diamond goblet, platinum utensils)
+1 (enchanted) Spiga plate Armor [AC = 1; zero encumbrance, can even swim in it; and it reduces damage from lightning/electricity attacks]
     (pouch)   10 mithril, 500 platinum, 1900 gold, 500 silver, 500 copper, gems worth 6000 gold

     (horse)    1 longbow, quiver of arrows
100 Kilo Bag of Holding
Nonmagical special heavy duty crossbow (6/14/20, bolts do 1d10 damage) 45 normal and 4 magical (+1) bolts