general facts

Thudain (no clan name)

Chaotic Good

9th Level Ranger/9th Level Cleric

120 year old mountain dwarf

born 18 Land's Death 226

4' 8", 165 pounds, grey hair, beard, eyes

Soldier-Priest of Thor

citizen of Midgard


Long ago, a band of dwarves emigrated from the Iron Hills. They ended up on what would one day be the northern edges of Midgard, settling there more for lack of energy to continue on than a desire to stay. Their "colony" would surely have perished between the cold and the hostiles, were it not for the whole-hearted assistance of the humans already living in the region. The dwarves and humans got along well their fighting styles complemented each others, and their enemies were common so well, in fact, that they intermingled in almost every way. The emigrants began worshipping the gods & goddesses of the humans, the Teutonic Norse, increasing to the point that the dwarven gods, though recognized and acknowledged, are almost an academic matter now. This point alone has caused a scism and even great animosity between the Midgardian dwarves and the Iron Hills. The former have no clan name, and are almost seen as traitors.

Thudain was born with the promise of great size and power, and has fulfilled that promise and then some. Wisdom was also granted him, and he decided at an early age that his destiny was a long-term project: to unite his nameless clan with the Kingdom of the Iron Hills. It was obvious to him that only a respected leader could accomplish this task, and that respect would have to be earned the hard way. He would learn, and hopefully master to at least a small degree, as many dwarven abilities as possible over many years before he would even try to join the two peoples. He hopes to honestly win the admiration of one group for his fighting deeds, another for his smithing capabilities, another for his civic works, others for his successes as a cleric and others as a ranger. He has spent some time learning skills such as Public Speaking and Diplomacy so that he can be persuasive when he wants to.

He is nearing middle age now (one hundred twenty years old). He fights the frost giants from the northern outposts for ten years, then takes five years off to adventure, learn, train, or maintain skills he might have first practiced decades ago. He has been following this regime for fifty-five years, and has just completed a ten-year tour of duty at Fort Rifkin when he received a holy communication that he should join the New Balance at least for a while.


(worn)+2 warhammer (also serves as holy symbol) (with continual light)

(worn)1 +2 Plate Mail armor (with continual light thrown by priest of Heimdall)

(worn)2 normal daggers

(worn)1 Walkie Talkie Ring (worn around neck)

(worn)1 Ring of Fire Resistance (right hand)

(worn)1 +3 Ring of Protection (left hand)

(carried)1 10K Bag Of Holding

(bag)3 percussive crystals (50 points of damage each)

(bag)1 ring with Continual Darkness thrown on it

(bag)1 Potion of Extra-Healing

(bag)0 platinum, 1 gold, 0 silver, 0 copper, gems worth 0 gold

(goat)quiver of bolts

(goat)+1 heavy crossbow (with extended infravision sighting)

(goat)+1 battleaxe


infravision60 feet


Started with 15K gold. Borrowed 5K from Arionrhod and 10K from Rok, spent all of that plus 5K of my own to upgrade my [+1 ST] ring to a [+2 pro] ring. now have 10K gold.

Donated 5K to Temple of Thor in Seahawk. Spent 5K to trade ring of cold-protection for a ring of fire-protection. Spent 5K+longsword+armor+Acring to upgrade +2 pro ring to be +3.


BACKENDESPARKER (familiar & mount)

giant goat; attacks as 10HD

movement: 15" (leather barding) (+1" due to Expert Horsemanship)

armor class: base 7 (leather barding, AC 6)

hit points: 23

damage: 1d4/1d4


teleport locations




hit dice & points armor class attributes rolled race age = total

1 16+5 +2 field plate -10 Strength 18/00 18/00

2 3+5 +1 shield -2 Intelligence 12 12

3 4+5 helm -1 Wisdom 18 18

4 5+5 16 dexterity -2 Dexterity 16 16

5 3+5 pro ring -3 Constitution 18 +1 19

6 5+5 total -8 Charisma 16 -1 15

7 8+5 Comeliness 13 -1 12

8 6+5

9 5+5 movement experience points

10 2+5 base 18" = 13.5" 17% + 10 + 10 + 20 + 20 + 35 + ?


self 107 dexterity

Sparke 11 Saving Throw Bonus = +2

total 118 Armor Class Adjustment = -2

skills strength (base + cestus)

Mining [dwarf] To Hit bonus = 3 + 1 = 3

Mountaineering [dwarf] Damage bonus = 6 + 1 = 7

First Aid [cleric] weight allowance = 335 + 0 = 335

Literacy/Cyphering [cleric] Bend Bars/Lift Gates = 40 + 5 = 45%

Religious Knowledge [cleric] Force Normal Doors = 80 + 5 = 85%

Alertness [ranger] Force Locked Doors = 30 + 5 = 35%

Naturalist [ranger]

Hunting (1) wisdom

Riding (1) Saving Throw Bonus = +4

Horsemanship (1) Extra Spells = 2 first 2 second 1 third 1 fourth

Expert Horsemanship (1)

Engineering (3) constitution

Recognize Value (1) System Shock Survival = 99%

Public Speaking (1) Resurrection Survival = 100%

Blacksmithery (2)

Jewellery/Gemcutting (2) ranger abilities

Gold/Silversmithing (1) Tracking underground = 52%

Armory (2) Tracking outdoors = 62%

Master Armory (3) Hide in Shadows = 56%

Diplomacy (1) Move Silently = 70%

Surprised = 1/6

languages Surprises = 4/6

Common Animal Languages = all

Dwarvish Plant Languages = oak


Chaotic Good special detection abilities

Goblin grade/slope in passage (up or down) = 5/6

Kobold new construction of passage/tunnel = 5/6

Gnome sliding/shifting walls/rooms = 4/6

Orcish stonework traps, pits, deadfalls = 3/6

Ogre approximate depth while underground = 3/6


# of Size Weight AC ToHit speed Throwing

Weapon Profs (feet) (lbs) adjust adjust factor Damage Range

Warhammer 6 1.5 50 0 [-1] 0 [+2] 4 [-1] 1d4+1 [+1] 1/ 2/ 3

Handaxe 1 1.5 50 0 0 4 1d6

Battleaxe 1 4 75 0 0 7 1d12

Light Crossbow 0 2.5 50 +1 0 15 5/10/16

Heavy Crossbow 1 3 70 +1 0 20 +1 6/14/20

Longsword 1 4 60 -1 0 5 1d8

Cestus 0 25 0 3 1d4

Bracers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0



to hit / damage with against due to

+3 / +6 anything anyone natural strength

+2 / +1 warhammer anyone proficiencies

+2 / +2 warhammer anyone magic

+2 hand weapons anyone natural dexterity

+3 missile weapons anyone natural dexterity

/ +5 anything giants rangerism

+1 anything goblin, hobgoblin, orc, halforc dwarfism


armor class

-4 giant, ogre, ogremagi, titan, troll dwarfism

-3 anyone ring of protection

-1 anyone natural dexterity

-1 warhammer anyone proficiencies


saving throw

+5 magic & poison natural constitution

+4 natural wisdom

+2 natural dexterity

+3 ring of protection


hit points

+5 natural constitution


speed factor

-1 warhammer anyone proficiencies


possible wishes & road of the dead abilities


(not in any particular order)

a) gain the psionic ability telepathy.

b) gain the psionic ability shape alteration, along with more atttack and defense modes.

f) can sunburst, as the fourth level cleric spell, with damage d dice, freq x/day.

g) can air walk, as the fifth level cleric spell, with duration n turns, freq x/day.

h) can mind blank, as the eighth level mu spell, with duration n turns, freq x/day.

i) can shape change, as the ninth level mu spell, with duration n turns, freq x/day (the forms available being restricted to raven [small to huge], wolf, and horse).

j) be lucky, as if carrying a luckstone as described in the DM Guide.

m) can double (or otherwise extend) the duration (or other attribute) of a monk ability (or spell for spell-users, or ToHit for fighters, etc.). this capability would work once per game session, and the DM must approve each use. this will not extend the power of anything, such as doubling the number of dice used to roll damage for a fireball, only limits like range, area-of-effect, and so on.

n) be completely immune to Energy Drain attacks.

o) be completely immune to all normal poisons. affected by other poisons only on a 1.

p) can comprehend languages, as the first level m-u spell, at will.