Description Attributes

Ularic Runecarver 19 Intelligence

223 year old grey elf 18 Wisdom

6' 0", 180 pounds, grey hair, silver eyes 18/72 Dexterity

Neutral Good 17 Comeliness

Sixth Level Cleric/Sixth Level Magic-User 16 Constitution

Priest of Isis 15 Charisma

born 18 Land's Death 325 in Vanir City 12 Strength


Movement: 14.5" Strength:

Hit points: 37 (6 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 3 + 4) Open Doors = 35%

Experience: 82,800 Bend Bars/Lift Gates = 4%

Armor Class: 3 (5)


Proficiencies: System Shock Survival = 95%

staff (5) Resurrection Survival = 96%

longbow Hit Points: +2 per die

Languages: Surprise:

Common Horse Oak 1/8 surprised, surprise 1/2

Norse Hawk Pine

Elvish Boar Wizard Spells:

Neutral Good 1=4 2=2 3=2

Skills: Priest Spells:

Recognize Value, Flying, 1=5 2=5 3=3

Calligraphy, Linguistics,

Alertness, Riding, Literacy/Cyphering,

First Aid, Courtly Graces [general],

Religious Knowledge


ToHit Armor Class

+3 due to staff (+1 magic, +2 prof) -1 due to Ring of Protection

+1 due to Dexterity (hand weapons) -2 due to staff (prof)

+3 due to Dexterity (missile weapons) -4 due to Dexterity


Damage Saving Throw

+1 due to staff (+1 magic) +1 due to Ring of Protection

+3 vs. giantkind +4 due to Wisdom

+4 due to Strength +4 due to Dexterity



(carried) 1 +1/+1 quarterstaff

(worn) 1 +1/+1 Ring of Protection (right hand)

(worn) 1 plain ring upon which Continual Light has been cast (left hand)

(worn) 1 4-inch eye: holy symbol of Isis (around neck)

(pouch) 1 Potion of Extra Healing; 1 bag cash (21 gold);
4 gems (agate 10 agate 10 garnet 500 amythest 200)


light warhorse

movement: 25"

hit points: 13

armor class: base 7

damage: 1d4/1d4

attacks as 2HD

Weapon Specifications

Size AC Speed

Weapon feet Weight adj Factor Damage Range

------------------- ---- ------ --- ------ ------ --------

Staff 6 20 -2 3 1d4+1 n/a





Party Composition

we are

dpm Ularic Runecarver elven sixth level cleric/sixth level wizard

dave Ethelbert human seventh level wizard

jeff Skornir Skjerstad human seventh level ranger

melvin Lord Khir human seventh level fighter

frank Ugh half-ogre seventh level fighter

leanne some girl half-elven sixth level illusionist/sixth level thief



early years

first job
cataloger for librarian. promoted to researcher, and finally to specialist.

devotion to Isis
wanted to learn more about magic items.

first adventure
routed by skeletons led by wight.

most recent escapade
met two adventurers while travelling back to Vanir City. A storm of an obviously magical nature caught all three of us in a purple tornado and (apparently) landed us safely in a land east of deerheart. met two more adventurers, one of whom seemed to know about the locale, referring to "wild magic". we moved west to avoid geographical oddities. while camping that night, we were accosted by six hill giants. the five of us fought well together, killing two and chasing away the rest.

spells cast:
<already active>
<enemy sighted, battle certain>
magical vestment
<battle began>
command word "die"
suggestion "leave before you get chopped up"
command word "die"
<battle ended>
cure light wounds
cure light wounds
find traps
detect magic

treasure found:
3000 copper (only 40 taken)
4 gems (10 Å agate, 10 Å agate, 200 Å amethyst, 500 Å garnet)

i offered to carry the gems; the others were amicable. we moved off a fair distance before settling down again to rest and gain spells.