Valacar - Citizen of Celeni, Knight of the Honor Guard of Nirond

Race:           Grey Elf
Height:         5'-6"
Weight:         115lbs
Eyes:           Violet
Hair:           Silver
Sex:            Male
Alignment:      Chaotic-Neutral (with good tendencies toward the party)
Age:            210
Diety:          Haneli Celanil (Goddess of Romantic Love - he met her once)

Strength:       16
Intelligence:   22.5
Wisdom:          9
Dexterity:      17
Constitution:   20
Charisma:       12
HP's:           102 
Level:          14th
Languages:      Elvish, CN, Dwarvish, Air Elemental, Fire Elemental, Orcish, Fire Giant, Seuloise

Familiar: (Unfortunately, he's too big, and never around) 
	Yarack - Nihrain Horse (Sleek Black Coat 8 foot at the shoulder)
	Strength: 18/00
	Int: 12
	Wisdom: 9
	Dex: 18
	Con: 16
	Charisma: 15
	Hit Points: 80 (10HD) gives Valacar 4hp's when he is near
	AC: -2 (25% chance that if you hit, he goes Ethereal and you miss)
	Magic Resistance: 25% conveys to Valacar when riding
	Can gallop at 96" for up to 48 hours over land, water, and air. 

Magic Items: * = Items he generally keeps close by...
	*Cloak of Displacement
	*Ring of Improved Invisibility
	*Magna Stone (Increases weather type spells by 4 levels)
	Ring of Protection +2/+2
	*Belt of Protection +2/+2
	Ring of Communication
	*Ring of Fire Resistance
	Ring of Warmth and Snow Swimming
	Ring of Water Breathing
	*Portable Hole
	*Amulet of Protection +3/+3
	*Bracers of Defense AC2
	*Horn of Bubbles
	Eyes of Minute Seeing
	Gauntlets of Dexterity
	Armband of Lie Detection and Truth Enforcement
	Boots of Water Walking
	Tort of Mind Reading 
	Celtic Head Band - gives Mind Blank 1/day
	*Periapt of Health
	*Bag of Holding 500lbs

Major Magic Items/Artifacts that he doesn't keep around:
	Well to Planet of the Seuloise - High Tech World (too high tech)
	Necronomicon - how to summon the Old Ones
	Black Crystal Door - to alternate dimension
	Cubic Gate:
		Prime Material
		Elemental Plane of Air
		Happy Hunting Grounds (NGC)
		Gladsheim (CGN)
		Olympus (CG)
		Limbo (CN)

	Cubic Gate:
		Prime Material
		8th Level of Hell
		600th Plane of the Abyss
		7th Plane of Heaven
		Elemental Plane of Fire
		Elemental Plane of Shadows

	Boots of Adaptation
	Amulet that Sucks up magic missiles 4d4/turn
	*Thet: 2 charges

	7 Teeth of Dal-Van-nar: * = Ones he has inserted in his mouth 
		*Immune to Hold/Charm, 
		*Detect Good/Evil 5/day,
		Switch Gender, 
		Change Alignment to Lawful Good, 
		*Increment Main Attribute by 1.
		Last two he never inserted or Legend Lored he stopped
		  after become a Lawful Good female since the teeth
		  seemed to be more bad than good from his perspective.

	Tooth of Vecna: 
		*Immune to Energy Drain 1/week
	Ring of Spell Storing (1 fifth, 1 forth, 1 third, 4 second, 2 first)
	Staff of Teleportation 2/day (Indestructible)

Scrolls (at 18th level)
	Dispell Magic
	Monster Summoning II
	Extension II

Miscellaneous: 10 flasks of Vampire blood 
		(differing clans so not enough to bind)

	Dagger of Defense +3/+3 with +1/+1 Turbo added. 
	Dagger +2/+2
	Dagger +1/+1 of Poison
	*Riding Crop +1 (more of a *toy* than a weapon ;)
	*Whip +1 (see above)
	Sling +1/+1
	Soul Sword +1/+1 (no minuses on use) - with ring.

Proficencies: 2 for Dagger to get +1 to hit
              1 Staff
              1 for Long Sword to use the Soul Sword. 


Quick thumbnail history:

Valacar was found at the age of 3 in an Elven village that had been
destroyed with all of the inhabitants sacrificed to an Evil Deity by a
raiding party from the Great Kingdom. He was found by a Chaotic-Good
Human Mage, Kendall, his Wife, Glenif, and their beautiful new-born
daughter, Ariel, and taken in and raised by them as a son. When he was
15 his adopted family was killed by an Evil Mage - Corwin - whom
Valcar swore vengence on. Valacar was killed but raised by a
Lawful-Good Cleric, Seroneous, who found the remains of his
family. Valacar was the only one that could be raised. He spent the
next 10 years with the cleric, till he found a Mage that would
continue his Apprenticeship in the Iron Hills. He spent many years
studying the arts of magic, both for good and evil. He studied the
spells dealing with Demons most intently. It took him over 100 years
to gain his revenge on the Mage that killed his adoptive family, and
with the help of a Demon Lord, he got his revenge. The Mage got to
enjoy watching as the Demon kill and then devour the souls of his
family, before he was imprisoned in a Soul Jar for all of eternity -
forced to relive the last 24 hours of his life over and over. That was
when Valacar's alignment turned from Neutral-Good to Chaotic-Neutral
and he lost two levels to the Demon as payment for his services. It
was a bargain that he would make again in an instant. 

Since that day, Valacar is staunchly loyal to his friends and allies,
but take great joy in killing and tormenting his enemies.