Location               K27



Ruler                    His Vikingness, Fandralsen, the Grand Jarl of Aeserd and Terror of the North­ern Wastelands.


Military               Army is rated excellent:        56   (Size    8,           Quality   7)

                              Navy is rated supreme:           80   (Size    9,  (2),   Quality   8)


Major Cities        Aeserd                        (pop.       40,000)   (capital)

                              Thialfi                        (pop.       21,000)


Population           600,000 (75% human, 10% dwarven, 10% elven, 5% other)


Resources             Gems, precious metals, furs, wood, shipbuilding supplies.


Major Religions  Nordic Norse, Teutonic Norse, some Celtic.  Somewhat tolerant of other religions.


History &                    The Jarldom of Aeserd is one of the oldest political entities of Darkhold.  It

Description          has existed in one form or another for several centuries.  Aeserd was formed out of a confederation of 27 major jarls in order to provide common defense from frost giants and other assorted humanoids.  Thorrsen I, a courageous jarl of many famed combats, was chosen to lead them all into battle.  After the threat was over, Thorrsen played one faction off another and established himself as the ruler of the land.  Some of the old leaders still exerted some influence over the throne, however, and in the year 20 P.E.  (Present Era - post Drow War Two), five Teutonic jarls in the interior mountains led a rebellion against the Nordic Grand Jarl and succeeded in winning their area's independence; this land became known as Midgard.  Relations between the two countries have im­proved with time and are now friendly. 

        Currently, Aeserd has a large naval force and an extensive merchant fleet that can be converted to military purposes.  Its land forces are considered to be very good — especially feared are the berserkers
, fighters who wear only light armor (if any at all) but who are very nimble and swift.  Berserkers fight to the death and do not normally take prisoners.  They have been known to catch ar­rows, spears, and other projectiles in mid-air and return them accurately at the enemy.