Location               J36



Ruler                    Her Serene Majesty, Trinian Moonglow, Flower of the Morning Star


Military               Army is rated average:          15   (Size    3,           Quality   5)

                              Navy is rated poor:                   2   (Size    0,  (1),   Quality   4)


Major Cities        Caprice                       (pop.       15,000)   (capital)


Population           170,000 (70% elvish, 20% human, 5% halfling, 5% other)


Resources             Foodstuffs, high quality leather, spices, rare wood


Major Religions  Elvish pantheon, Celtic (Welsh), Halfling pantheon.  Very tolerant of other religions.


History &                    Caprice is an old, but not ancient, land locked principality located in the

Description          savannah region north of the mountainous kingdom of Nestle.  Its population consists mainly of "Elvish" elves who wished to live as close to such forest as there is in the area but as far from the Mountains of Doom and the Gnoll Wood as they could.  The population also has a high concentration of humans and half-elves.       

        Caprice has changed little in its history, being mostly a peaceful land of people content to live their lives quietly.  It has, however, been known to have skirmishes with Martine along its northern border, which caused both countries to lose territory and resources, neither being a nation possessing incredibly skilled warriors.  At the present time, however, a possible liaison is being ne­gotiated by marriage of the young Princess of Caprice to the Duke of Martine, thereby consolidating the countries so that each might complement the strengths of the other.  Caprice is rather anxious to obtain use of the port facilities that Martine possesses, while Martine would like to have at its disposal the highly skilled elvish archers of Caprice.  

        Caprice is located not far from Caer Prevdin, an area known for its wild magical properties.  Caprice keeps a strong watch on the area, which has been known to spew forth monsters to wreak havoc.  It is the threat of Caer Prevdin that has kept Caprice from extending its borders to the west into the unclaimed but fertile savannah north of Mark's Town.        

        The country is also known to contain most of the population of an unusual humanoid race that, while human in appearance, are rumored to turn into giant black leopards when angered.  This race of people are incredibly dexterous, practiced in the use of weapons and the martial arts, and tend to keep very much to themselves to hide the secret of who they are to avoid persecution.  It is also rumored that these people kill any of their lovers that are not of their own race.  The traveller is cautioned to be wary of with whom he sleeps when visiting Caprice.