Location               O27



Ruler                    His Excellency, Veronic Skorre, Chief of the Elder Council.


Military               Army is rated poor:                  7   (Size    1,           Quality   7)

                              Navy is rated good:                16   (Size    2,  (0),   Quality   8)


Major Cities        City of Eagle's Nest   (pop.       25,000)   (capital)


Population           70,000 (90% human, 10% demi-human).


Resources             Fishing, agriculture, shipbuilding materials


Major Religions  Finnish, Norse (Nordic).  Tolerant of other religions.


History &                    Eagle's nest is a Free City made up of many merchants and free traders.  It

Description          is the base of operation for many ships that sail the Sea of Llyr, who fly the Eagle's Nest flag as a flag of convenience.  It is a very defensible location, having held out against "expansionism" from Aeserd.   

        Politically Eagle's Nest remains as neutral as possible, preferring to look out for its own interests rather than to take sides.  It is, however, a good aligned City State, as is shown in the fact that the City afforded shelter and haven to the "Council in Exile" of what was formerly En's Town when that area was taken over by Deerhart.  (See entry for En.) A wide variety of employment is avail­able in the area, from farming and sailing to hiring as a mercenary or guard on one of the many ships that sail to and from Eagle's Nest every day.  The port facilities are both large and excellent.