Location               FF26



Ruler                    Clayton Bakerson, Mayor of Joe's Place


Military               Army is rated poor:                  4   (Size    1,           Quality   4)

                              Navy is rated none:                   0   (Size    0,  (0),   Quality     )


Major Cities        Joe's Place                  (pop.         7,000)   (capital)


Population           40,000 (75% human, 10% elven, 10% halfling, 5% other).


Resources             Agriculture, cloth, wood.


Major Religions  Celtic (Welsh),  Egyptian pantheon.  Very tolerant of other religions.


History &                    This small city arose around the Trading Post owned by Joe Demigod.

Description          This Trading Post had been there, and run by Joe, since before even the oldest elves in the area can remember.  The people of the area consist mostly of farm­ers, sheep herders, and wood crafters.  Joe's Trading Post is a major stop for adventurers travelling between Keeli and Augustine.  It is rumored that Joe Demigod will sell anything (excepting wishes) for a price.  There are always people willing to go on quests for Joe in order to gain some powerful magic item or lots of treasure.      

        While Joe's Place is not formally allied with any other political entity, rela­tions are closest with Keeli and Augustine; however, it remains an independent political entity.  Not surprisingly, Joe's reputation (not to mention his last name), has dis­couraged even Deerhart from attempting any forays into the city's lands.  It is suspected, although not definitely known, that Joe would defend the city in the event of an invasion.  Supporting this view is the fact that the Second Drow War is the only time that Joe has ever been seen in armor or carrying a weapon: his Trading Post had been destroyed by the Drow, and since then, no Drow have ever been spotted near Joe's Place.  The reader is invited to use cause and effect.   

        The people of the area are mostly Celtic and Egyptian, and the majority of spell-casters in the region are either druids or witches.  A very large and power­ful clan of Egyptian witches make their home a few hours ride west of the town itself, and are known to render aid to the town when needed.  In all, the area tends to be very peaceful, the major excitement coming when large bands of adventurers come through town.