Location               HH28



Ruler                    Theodosius Cardinal Justinius, Arch-Cardinal of the Church and Head of the Ecumenical Council.


Military               Army is rated good:                28   (Size    4,           Quality   7)

                              Navy is rated excellent:        28   (Size    3,  (1),   Quality   8)


Major Cities        Keeli                          (pop.       65,000)   (capital)


Population           450,000 (85% human, 5% halfling, 10% demi-human).


Resources             Fishing, agriculture, ship-building materials, minerals.


Major Religions  Christianity, Judaism, Islam.  Tolerant of other "good" religions.


History &                    This city-state grew around the natural port where the Grosser River met the

Description          Azure Sea.The geography of the area plus its abundant natural resources have meant that the area has been continuously inhabited for centuries. These factors have insured Keeli's place as the major trading port on the Azure Sea.

        For at least the past five centuries, Keeli has been the center of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam on Darkhold. There has been some debate among scholars as to why this has happened. There is some evidence that a number of people were transplanted from a place called "Earth" approximately five centuries ago. These people prospered and spread the affor-mentioned religions not only locally, but across Darkhold. Strangely enough, all three religions still see the true center of their belief as being on "Earth". At least one of the drafters of the Concordium of Keeli, Clint Priestwood, was a recent transplant from Earth.        

        The three major religions have not always co-existed and cooperated in peace. In fact, just before the Second Drow War, the three groups came close to war not only in Keeli but across Darkhold. When things seemed hopeless, a number of major leaders of the three religions met in Keeli and drafted the Concordium of Keeli. This document declared that while the three religions had their differences, they all worshiped the same God. Further, the differences were declared "trivial" compared to their differences with the "pagan" religions. They pledged to rule Keeli as an enlightened theocracy made up of the major clerics of the three religions. This agreement has held to this day, making not only Keeli itself prosperous, but also aiding followers of these religions worldwide.

        Keeli has grown from a small port to a city-state on the verge of becoming a major country. Keeli's diplomatic reach has also grown, combining elements of religion and secular diplomacy. Keeli is closely allied with the Augustinian Empire (see entry on the Augustinian Empire). However, Keeli continues to diplomatically turn down occasional offers to join the Empire.