Location               H48



Ruler                    The Terror


Military               Army is rated excellent:        50   (Size  10,           Quality   5)

                              Navy is rated good:                18   (Size    3,  (3),   Quality   4)


Major Cities        Kasala                        (pop.    ~60,000)   (capital)


Population           1,500,000 (est.) (75% human, 25% other).


Resources             Mostly unknown, although rare woods, drugs, and other exotic items some­times are traded.


Major Religions  Different forms of demon worship and animism.  Very intolerant of other religions.


History &                    Little is known of Kosala except that mysterious and terrible things are said to

Description          occur in the jungles of the region. The ruler is said to be a natural polymorph who may even be a demon. There are ample tales of human (and other) sacrifice and horrible rituals.

        However, there are treasures that come only from Kosala. These treasures include rare woods, drugs that can cure (or cause) various ills, and the world's finest chocolates (which are rumored to keep one healthy and happy). These entice various adventurers to attempt to find their fortunes in the jungles of Kosala.