Location               O30



Ruler                    His Majestic Wealth, Ulrick Ariane, Tyrant of Seahawk and Leader of the Collected Reaches.


Military               Army is rated average:          18   (Size    3,           Quality   6)

                              Navy is rated good:                14   (Size    2,  (0),   Quality   7)


Major Cities        Seahawk City             (pop.     130,000)   (capital)


Population           250,000 (75% human, 15% demi-human, 10% humanoid).  Note that there is a large transient population.


Resources             Fishing, minerals.


Major Religions  Greco-Roman, Nordic, Egyptian, Sumerian, Celtic.  Very tolerant of other religions.


History &                    Seahawk is the largest trading port along the Northern Sea.  Its trade,

Description          however, is not limited to strictly legal and mundane types of items.  Indeed, it is rumored that in Seahawk one may obtain anything for a price.  It is even rumored that in some of Seahawk's many casinos and gambling dens that one can wager levels, and perhaps one's very soul.  With this type of reputa­tion, tourism has become Seahawk's second largest industry.  Adventurers from all over Darkhold, and some from places that no one is quite sure of, can be found in the city.  Drug sellers, slavers, fencers of stolen goods, and killers for hire can be found in the city's market place next to wool merchants and wine sellers.  Seahawk contains something for every taste from the aesthetic to the most bizarre.

        Seahawk is ruled by a monarchy that is in fact little more than a figurehead for the real powers in the city - the men who rule the drug and slaving empires.  They do, however, make sure that plenty of legitimate commerce takes place in the city in order to maintain some sort of respectability.