Location               Q52 (south of hand map)



Ruler                    Lord Agristedes, the Scourge of the Desert


Military               Army is rated poor:                  5   (Size    1,           Quality   5)

                              Navy is rated none:                   0   (Size    0,  (0),   Quality     )


Major Cities        White Dragon            (pop.       25,000)   (capital)


Population           50,000 (90% human, 5% elvish, 5% other).


Resources             Water, gems, agriculture.


Major Religions  Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Judaism, Islam.  Very tolerant of other religions.


History &                    This was a small trading oasis before Lord George Dragonslayer found the

Description          wielder of the artifact known as the Saladin and took it from him. Lord George's charisma combined with Benthos Arborean's cunning convinced the people of the oasis (now known as White Dragon in honor of the helm Lord George wore) to follow Lord George. The new lord of the desert encouraged people to follow the Greco-Roman pantheon, and particularly Lord George's patron, Zeus. The area prospered as Lord George's seat of power.          

        This city-state used to be part of a greater desert kingdom that included the city-state of Saladin. But when one of Lord George's ancestors lost the artifact known as the Saladin, the people to the west no longer felt compelled to follow the rule of the eastern capitol. Now relations between the cities are uneasy.