Location               far east



Ruler                    No one ruler; various petty "noble", chieftans, bandit kings


Military               Army is rated NONE:              0   (Size    0,           Quality     )

                              Navy is rated none:                   0   (Size    0,  (0),   Quality     )


Major Cities        None


Population           Unknown, but at least 500,000 people of all sorts


Resources             Agriculture, gems, trees, metals, "wide open spaces".


Major Religions  All sorts including various tribal religions, evils of various sorts, etc.



History &                    The Wild Country is the eastern part of the continent that is controlled by no

Description    country. There are numerous claims to the area (including a large number of indigenous ones). The Augustinian Empire, Deerhart, and Katana even have outposts and patrols in the area. But no one person has yet been able to exert control over the various tribes, bands, bandit nobles, and other assorted non-conformists that inhabit the vast areas in the east.