The Book of Took


The Book of Took is an ancient tome of power. Although it is not one of the Three Books of the Darkhold, it is nonetheless an extremely powerful artifact.

The book has an affinity for the Thief character class, and gives the thief an additional level upon acquiring the book. The book also contains many magical powers - however, each of the abilities of the book is paid for by the wielder either taking damage, losing experience points, or even losing a level.
Known powers of the book:
Plane Shift (1 time per month)
Commune (1 question)
Always knows exact "time", local to the current planet/plane it is on.
Power Word "NO", which reverses time to negate a "bad" action. This ability costs the read of the spell a level of ability.

The Book is known to have been wielded by the legendary Ramenahotep, the halfing thief of the Mortal Heroes.