The Mace of St. Cuthbert


The historical St. Cuthbert was a protector of villages against Viking raiders. (Interestingly, this was after he was dead.) In terms of the World of Darkhold the Mace of St. Cuthbert is an artifact with a relic of the Saint embedded in it. The Mace is meant for Christian warrior clerics although it will work for any character that can wield a mace.

For non-Christian, non-clerics such as fighter, the Mace has the following characteristics:
Personal Protection from Evil

For non-Christian clerics or Christian Warriors:
Personal Protection from Evil
Heal/once per day

For Christian clerics:
Protection from Evil 10 m radius
Heal/twice per day
Detect Invisible 60 m
Immunity to Fear
Immunity to all Undead attacks including level drains, possession, etc.
"Pacify"/three per day - the wielder may raise the Mace and command all who can see it to cease fighting. This does not mean that all affected are all now friends, they simply cease fighting for a minimum of five rounds (or until an outside force attacks any of the people affected). There is a ST versus death to resist the effect.
Turn Viking: The original St. Cuthbert was considered a protector against Vikings. When they attacked English villages, the locals would disinter the body of the Saint (an Incorruptible) and use it to scare off the raiders. The Mace allows the wielder to turn any Vikings, Norse, or Teutons as if the target was an undead of equal level. This power will only turn such targets, not destroy them.