The Esper Citadel

Deep in the hills around Stormgate there is rumored to be a citadel of learning and power for the Brotherhood of the Mind. This school of sorts was established by the famous Professor X. How many esper there are or where the exact location of the citadel is no one seems to know. But men who play with minds can hide anything they want. The Espers have not been seen since the disappearance of the Mortal Heroes from Darkhold. There are many telepaths in Darkhold's major cities, but those of the Brotherhood have not been seen in any number. The citadel itself is said to float on the clouds, kept there by the minds of the Espers who strive to become full members of the Brotherhood.

It is rumored that the Brotherhood lies in wait for the time when the Drow, Githyanki, and Mind Flayers will try and reclaim this plane. The Espers are a force for good that evil cannot predict. The question that is on everyone's mind is where are the Espers and when will they come out of seclusion. We must also wonder if we really want them to come into the world of normal men.

The citadel itself is said to have many and varied powers of which the leader of the Brotherhood has control. These powers have their basis in the discipline of the mind, and clerical and sorcerous magics. These other powers were endowed in the construction of the citadel with the assistance of The Sinner Rosenstern, Theodosius the Just, Clint Priestwood, and Augustus the Heartless.