Joe Demigod


Joe is a large, human appearing man, about 6'2" and 200 pounds. He has dark hair which is silvering at the temples, and has a very high charisma. He tends to dress in a slightly old-fashioned style, and seems rather conservative. He tends to keep to himself most of the time, rarely socializing with the denizens of the town called "Joe's Place". He is most likely several hundred years old.


No one knows very much about Joe except that he founded his shop in it's current location about 400 years ago, and the town grew up around the shop. Joe has only been seen in armor on a single occassion, which was during the Drow War.

Joe has a brother named Alfred. He looks enough like Joe that he is rumored to be either his twin or slightly younger brother. Where Joe is conservative, however, Alfred tends to be on the outrageous side. Although they clearly disapprove of each other, it is still known that they would stick up for each other.


Joe is known to have anything available for sale in his store for a price - except wishes. He is rumored to be quite helpful to low level parties who are adventuring.