The Road of the Dead

In the Mountains of Doom, reaching from the city of Last Chance in Deerhart to Death's Gate on the Azure Sea, stretches a bone white road, which actually has the appearance of being made of cobbles of bleached bone. This is the Road of the Dead - perhaps the largest single artifact known to man or elf. No one knows who constructed the Road, or when, for it's existence predates all of the recorded history of the world.

Legend has it that those who travel the Road, from Last Chance to Death's Gate, and make the journey as a single, uninterrupted trip (meaning no teleporting in and out) without dying, will be granted a special ability. Oddly enough, those who have travelled the Road find it almost impossible to discuss their experiences along the way, as though there was a magical impediment placed upon them.

The Road is known to actually wail at night, producing an eerie, unnerving sound. It also glows greenish white at night. When living beings walk upon the Road at night, there footprints are lit up brightly, and the wailing of the Road increases to a scream.

It is known that alot of undead can be found in the area, and a great many monsters which are found no where else on the world make their homes there.