The Sword of the Saladin


The Saladin is a Holy Avenger in the form of a scimitar. It is rumored to be the sword wielded by the historical Salah ad-Din, a famous Muslim warrior and ruler who rose to fame during the Crusades for both his martial skills and chivalry toward his enemies.

The Saladin is meant for use by any Muslim warrior who can use a scimitar, but it can be used in a limited fashion by non-Muslims. The sword has the following characteristics:

Personal Protection from Evil
Charisma improved by 2 (maximum of 18)
The wielder cannot lie, even when the sword is sheathed

Muslim Warriors:
+5/+5 Holy Avenger. Can mix offensive and defensive plusses once per round (e.g. the sword can be used with +5/+5 on offense and zero on defense or +0/+0 on offense and +5 on defense, or any combination in-between)
+2 on all Saving Throws
Wielder immune to energy drains
Detect Lie/once per day
Charisma improved by 3 (maximum of 20)
The wielder must behave in a chivalrous manner or the sword's special abilities will refuse to work.