The Witchblade


The Witchblade is a magical dagger with an affinity for women. Indeed, the blade may only be wielded by a female - any male touching the dagger is automatically stunned for 1d4 rounds. If they actually attempt to grab the hilt itself, they must save versus petrification.

The 'Blade has many powers. It automatically gives the wielder an 18 Charisma and 18 Comeliness score, despite whatever the wielder's starting score was in these abilities. It's base attack mode is +2/+2 versus females, and +5/+5 versus males. It also has "defender" properties, meaning that part of the plusses may be put into defense. Five times per day, the wielder may invoke a stunning flash of light from the blade which will stun all males within 10 meters for 1d4 rounds. Females, however, in the area of effect are not affected. The 'Blade also has a chance to return to it's wielder when summoned, if it has been withheld from her.

The Witchblade cannot be lost or destroyed. If abandoned by it's wielder, it returns to the Island of The Witchblade, as it does if it's wielder is dead for more than one month. The Island of the Witchblade is a magical island of no fixed location which only appears once per month at the double full moon when there is no wielder of the blade. On the island, contenders for the blade must enter into single combat with one of three goddesses. The woman who emerges victorious first is granted the 'Blade. The 'Blade may, however, be taken from the wielder by another woman in combat.

The Witchblade has been wielded for nearly 20 years by Arionrhod Graylock, a witch currently residing in the Augustinian Empire.