Do You Remember When...

Shadowspawn ticked off Zeus so much that the god conjured a tiny raincloud to follow him around and rain on him for days?

Shadowspawn ticked off Zeus AGAIN, and this time the raincloud had little bitty lightning bolts in it, and not only that, Shady was trying to hide from a druid, and the druid used the cloud for a call lightning?

Shadowspawn telling a high-level evil druid: "Remember the name: IRONFIST!"

We heard the immortal cry of "Sacrifice the face, Lou!"?

Severian drank Rok under the table?

Severian had a potion of spider climbing active, and a cloud dragon blew him into the side of a mountain, and he just stuck there, playing dead?

Rok kept getting spells thrown on him by a mephit, including turning his hair into a tuft of daisies?

Arionrhod was being taunted by a low level Norse cleric at Ironfists' funeral, so she turned around and kissed the guy, embarassing the heck out of him?

Valacar came up with the idea for the Mordenkainen's Brothel?

Ironfist said, "Go home, your rice is boiling over."?

Arionrhod cratered for the fourth time, and wouldn't throw a teleport spell for a couple of years?

We found out that shrunken characters *could* die?

Arionrhod turned a wereshark into a penguin, and we ended up with "Killer"?

Valacar turned down being turned into a vampire, but only because "they don't have anything to offer me that's better than what I have now."?