And They Said....

"White dragons don't blow cold, they suck heat." -- Shadowspawn

"We've definitely increased the backlog in their probate." -- Calvin MacStuart

"I guess Odin isn't such a great god after all!" -- Alrick, cleric of Odin, after praying to his god for information and not liking the answer he got.

"Don't shout, trout it out!" -- Arionrhod Graylock

"You are an abomination unto God. You are an abomination unto ANY god. In fact, when the gods get together in the god bar they talk about what an abomination you are." -- Arionrhod Graylock

"Stop. Don't go in there. Stop." -- Lawful evil afreeti bound to guard an entrance, who was screwing over the MU who put him there.

"I feel like I just had to make a saving throw!" -- Hans the Dwarf

"Yeah, Nagomi, troglodytes are a type of undead!" -- Shadowspawn

"Chaotic Neutrals should be killed on sight, because you can't trust them." -- Valacar, the chaotic-neutral magic user

"If they teleport low, all we have to do is put up the headstones!" -- Shadowspawn

"Who needs a database when you've got Frank?" -- Melvin

"AGH! We've been Franked!" -- every member of the New Balance at one time or other

"I've got everything written down in The Book. And someday, when the situation looks hopeless, I'm going to dispel magic on Horse, give him the book, and then RUN." -- Shadowspawn

"Hey, do one of you clerics have a find traps?" -- Shadowspawn the Master Thief

"If it exists, it can be destroyed. And if it can be destroyed, I have a purpose in life." -- Valacar

"I believe that forgiving them is God's function. Our job is simply to arrange the meeting." -- Gen. Norman Swartzkoptf