Adventures on Darkhold

Darkhold, in it's long history, has been the site of many famous adventures, and many famous bands of adventurers. The first, and certainly the most well known of these is the Mortal Heroes.

The Mortal Heroes consisted of Clint Priestwood, Lawrence Dreamstalker, Lord George Dragonslayer, Ramenahotep, Benthos Arborean, Professor X, Lee Harvey, Theodosius the Just, and Augustus the Heartless. So notable were the deeds, and so wide reaching the fame of these Heroes, that several of the most noteworthy landmarks on Darkhold are named for them - the famous town of Heroes Return, the Augustinian Empire, the Ramenahotep Slept Here Inn, and numerous others.

The next group of note on the world were the SCUM - the Society for the Creative Use of Magic. This group consisted of Silverleaf, Avatir the Bold, Kira Graylock, Palantir the Dragon, Noel the Dwarf, Tim the Enchanter, Brendel the Sticky, and Lara the Barbarian.

The most recent group of Adventurers has gone by the appellation The New Balance, for reasons that none of the party members are entire sure of. The New Balance members have included Arionrhod Graylock, Shadowspawn, Valacar, Ironfist the Monk, Severian the Heartbinder, Flint Fireforge, Rok Himageson, Ariadne of Sylvanus, Calvin MacStuart, Father Gregory Crosse, Evander Holyshield, and Caerwyn.

Eventually, this page will contain links to stories of the famous (or infamous) adventures which have been undertaken by these parties.

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