The Nations of Darkhold

Below is a list of the countries which make up the world. Each country is unique, with it's own military powers and ruler, and a very distinct "personality". Please click on a country name to see a full description of that particular entity.


explanation of the "country" information



"Ruler"                                 the name of the current leader and his/her full title


"Location"                            the hex coordinates for the map in this manual


"Military"                             strength ratings for both land and sea forces … see below


"Major Cities"                      the names of the cities with over 10,000 inhabitants, along with their hex coordinates — capital cities are so marked


"Population"                         the total indigenous population, rounded off with percentage of total being demi-human and/or humanoid


"Resources"                         economically vital products and services for which the area is known


"Major Religions"                pantheons that can be legally worshipped, and the typical attitude dis­played towards others


"History & Description"      a very  brief synopsis of major events and noteworthy characteristics




The Grand Jarldom of Aeserd
The Augustinian Empire
The Kingdom of Blackmoor
The Principality of Caprice
The Kingdom of Deerhart
The Free City of Eagle's Nest
The Kingdom of Elfhiem
The Duchy of En
The Gnollwood
God's Cup
The Republic of Greyhawk
The Kingdom of the Iron Hills
Joe's Place
The Protectorate of Keeli
The County of Leensport
The County and City of Mark's Town
The Duchy of Martine
The Jarldom of Midgard
The Kingdom of Nestle
The Theocracy of Ra
The Saladin
The City-State of Seahawk
The Citadel of Stormgate
The Shining Kingdom of Vanir
The True Province of Whitedragon
The Wild Country